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League Rules

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League Rules

Post  JockoJohnson432 on Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:22 pm

Please Read and Understand All Rules, ignorance is not an excuse.

Gameplay settings are as follows:

Salary Cap - On
Skill Level - All-Pro
Quarter Length - 6 Minutes
Accel Clock - Off
Coach Firing - On
Injury - On
Trade Deadline – On (week 9)

Postion Rule
QB's play QB
FB's play FB
HB's play HB
TE's play TE
WR's play WR
You may use any of the packages in your playbook, such as WR3 in the backfield, HB Duo with your 2nd string HB at the FB position.
You can still put a TE or HB in your 4th WR position. Your top 3 WR's have to be WR"s. You can also put a CB at FS or SS.
( O-Line are interchangeable, Any Lineman can play any position.)

Player Movement
Pre Snap (Defense/Special Teams) player movement, NO MOVING D-LINE PLAYERS PRE SNAP, If you move a player manually (LB/S/CB Only), you must control that player until the snap of the football. (Line shifts, coverage adjustment, LB adjustments through stat pad do not count). Do not keep shifting your D line, LBs, and secondary back and forth to confuse the AI before the snap. This is a glitch an unacceptable.

Play Selection
You should mix up plays. No calling the same plays over and over (running screen passes the whole game is not acceptable) Mix it up on offense and defense. PLAY REAL FOOTBALL

Mercy Rule (Player Vs Player)
If you are winning by 35 points or more, at any point of the game. You should run the ball from here on out. You must let the play clock run below 5 seconds before hiking the ball, and run as much clock out as possible. If you run the football and score a touchdown while staying in these guidelines, that is ok, we cannot force anyone to not score, because that's not football. Just do not rub it in. If you are in field goal range, you can kick a FG as well. If you are on defense, and cause a turnover, you can also score. If you are returning a kick or punt, you are also allowed to score. Again, as long as you are not "Rubbing it in" some games do get out of control and we can do our best to not embarrass our opponents.

If a disconnect happens, players must message each other before anything is done. Take a picture of your screen with the description of what caused the disconnect. Give the player a few minutes to get back online. What the players agree to do with disconnect is fine with the league. If the player does not return in a few minutes or does not reply to you in a few minutes, you must report it to one of the commissioners. If we feel you are not able to stay in a game in this league, you will be removed from the league. We will be keeping an eye on the amount of disconnects.

Friendly disconnects, if both players agree to restart a game – then that is fine and the DS will not count.

If game is disconnected:

1st quarter

Game Restarts

2nd and 3rd quarter

Game Restarts or if team is up by 21 leading team’s choice as to restart or follow Playoff procedure.

4th quarter

Game Restart or if team is up by 14 leading team’s choice as to restart or follow Playoff procedure.

Playoff Procedure: If a game is disconnected, the leading team can request that the score
be set to the same point as when the disconnect happened. Example: Tenn 17 NE 3, New England disconnects and Tenn
wishes to have the score mirrored. NE would have to let Tenn score 17 points and then Tenn would have to let NE
kick a FG and then the ball would be returned to whoever had it before. At that point, the game resumes.

Complaints & Protests
Now if you believe your opponent has done something wrong, first pause the game, tell your opponent to knock it off or you will report the complaint to the Commissioner. YOU WILL NOT POST THE COMPLAINT OR GLITCH IN THE FORUMS. Please be honest.

If you have video evidence of your opponent breaking a rule, or using a glitch. Send it to the Commissioner and that owner will be reprimanded, no questions asked.

Glitches will be addressed on a case by case basis.

We do have the right to throw out any complaint that we feel is not legit.

Anyone who does something that is against league policy as stated in the OP, or does something that is deemed excessively dickish will receive a strike. Punishment will begin after the second strike and will double with each offence. Punishment will be as follows:

2 strikes = 1 game suspension
3 strikes = 2 game suspension
4 strikes = 4 game suspension
5 strikes = 8 game suspension
6 strikes = 1 season suspension (and you probably don't want to come back)

Strikes are divided in half from season to season.

I.e. You have 2 strikes at the end of the season beginning of next season you are back down to one.

Basically, you get one freebie and after that, you have to pay the piper. The consequences may seem stiff, but I firmly believe that it is not that difficult to play the game with respect and decency. If it's something you have to actively think about, then you might want to re-evaluate some things.


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